Chief Constable Simon Cole, QPM - Leicestershire Police



Assistant Commissioner Rob Beckley, QPM - Metropolitan Police


Your Executive Team

Ian Miller

Chairman & Trustee

A qualified chartered accountant Ian has worked at senior management and director level in several international companies.  Ian is now the elected Chairman of ASCO


James Deller

Company Secretary & Trustee

Significant expereince in local government and public sector leading change management programmes. James is the company secretary of ASCO

David Pedrick-Friend

Deputy Chair & Trustee

Following a successful career in the British Army, David joined Gloucestershire Special Constabulary and is now the Deputy Chair of ASCO

Chris Fisher-Wight

Treasurer & Finance Director


Chris has worked for Lloyds Banking Group for over 30 years. He is currently the Group’s lead on economic sanctions relating to such countries as Iran, Syria and North Korea. He is also a member of the BBA’s Sanctions Panel providing advice and guidance to the industry and the Government including the impact of Brexit on the UK Sanctions regime. Outside the UK, Chris has also advised various UN Sanctions Panels and the US Government, especially regarding Iran.


Prior to that he has undertaken a number of roles within the Group, including managing various projects which have ranged from launching new departments to designing new reporting systems as well as managing large scale financial crime investigations.


He is currently the Deputy Chief Officer for the City of London Special Constabulary and the Special Superintendent for Uniform Policing in the City. During his time with the City police, he was the first City Special Police Officer to be trained as a Level 2 Pubic Order officer, the first cycle trained and also Silver commander. He has also presented to various US law enforcement agencies on how the UK Special Constabulary works with their regular colleagues.


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